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Why Are We Closing? (Temporarily)

2023 has been our best year yet. Since we've started Mig's Automotive in 2020, each year has been more rewarding than the last. This year we established a maintenance service that has worked so well for so many people. We worked with more businesses, helping them keep their fleet vehicles reliable so they can continue to serve others in their industries. We booked over 400 appointments. We helped with countless same-day, emergency repairs. We helped people understand their car and know what steps are right for them in maintaining their vehicle. We made more relationships and received even more support. And we know we have so much to be grateful for.

So why are we closing until April?

It wasn't an easy decision to make. If you know some of our background, then you know we have experience racing and working with monster trucks. Since 2020, when we started Mig's Automotive, we went from monster truck racing full time - to primarily focusing on our mobile mechanic service in Asheville. We love what we do now and decided to pursue it full time. We have done that, and still are... But we are taking the opportunity to do something that we have never done before.

Nick & I will be touring Europe while working for a monster truck team. We will be helping perform shows in a different major city, all over Europe, every weekend. Between putting on some amazing shows for Hot Wheels Monster Truck Live, we will have the chance to explore each place.

We are very excited for this opportunity. But, like I said, it wasn't an easy decision to make. It means putting our services on hold until springtime. Winter is a difficult season to be a mobile mechanic in so as far as timing goes, it is the best season to do something like this. We're also in a season of our lives where we can pursue this opportunity that we won't always be in. On top of everything, we believe it is the right step for us. The support we have received from our community of customers in light of this news helps confirm that. We appreciate you.

We'll be back in April of 2024 and look forward to connecting with our customers at that time. Again, thank you for an amazing year and your support. We'll see you in the spring!

For those interested, here is our international tour schedule:

Jan 3-4 - Madrid, Spain

Jan 13-14 - Leeds, England

Jan 20-21 - Glasgow, Scottland

Jan 27-28 - Lyon, France

Feb 3-4 - Paris, France

Feb 10-11 - Berlin, Germany

Feb 17-18 - London, England

Feb 24-25 - Manchester, England

Mar 2-3 - Lisbon, Portugal

Mar 9-10 - Malaga, Spain

Mar 16-17 - Budapest, Hungary

Mar 23-24 - Lodz, Poland

Mar 30-31 - Rotterdam, Netherlands


Kristen Migues - Mig's Automotive

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